Making ourselves “indispensable”


Are there items at your house that you just “must” have?  I know, the regularly needed paper products are certainly on that list… but I am talking about important “do it all” products that just make life easier.  These items leave the “nice to have” category and enter a whole other realm – they become truly “indispensable”!

WD-40 absolutely makes that category at my home.  We always have some around.  Growing up I used it for all kind of projects.  It can loosen old rusty things, remove Sharpie marker (whoops), and quieten things that squeak – like old doors.  I even learned a technique for eliminating wasps nests – it involves turning a can of WD-40 into a flame thrower!  (That little straw is really helpful).   But, kids, as they say on TV, “DO NOT try this at home!”.

I love products like this.  They have their intended purpose, which they do well, but they also have many other uses that you just keep on finding.  They are true multi-purpose items in the arsenal.  I have lots of other solvents, cleaners, and substances around, but WD-40 has become a “go-to” product because of it’s great properties.  I even found one guy on the internet that claims it has over 2000 uses!  I can’t recommend everything on his list.

The point is, God desires that we as His people become a similarly wonderful “multi-use” Christian!  He desires that we have an ability to multiple great things in His service.  This means that we shouldn’t just find one thing and decide, “Well, that is the one thing I do.  I am a specialist, and that is all that I will ever be able to do.”  Often, we can try multiple things throughout the years and find that we can learn to do more than we thought.

I have known Christians that served quietly in the background for years, and then all of a sudden, because of a serious need, became a great Bible teacher.  I have known men that were too shy to serve in worship, but because they saw a younger man do uncomfortable things, were willing to step into that role themselves.

Right now I am working in Olathe, KS, and we are working toward planting a church here in the very near future.  But as we do that, I know that there will be needs that will require people to “step up” and do things that they concluded in the past they could not, or would not, do.  Need can produce change, and change is often very good!

I want us to consider being the spiritual equivalent of WD-40 in our local church.  Not just a nice thing to have, but truly indispensable.  Someone that the body can’t do without.  Not because we are just so good at one thing, but because we are willing to do so many different things.  Not stuck in one ministry, but willing to help multiple ministries, maybe even within the same week!

God wants to use us in His service.  Maybe we need to open our minds and hearts to the possibilities of new and different ways for us to be used.

Growing and change go together.

Growing is good.

Have a blessed week,


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